Correlation between Indian and US Stock Markets

I invest (modestly) in both US and Indian stock markets. For the last few days I observed that on the days when US market was down, the Indian market was not necessarily down. This is somewhat unexpected given my past experience (I used to work in the financial sector back in India). When I posted my observation on Facebook, people asked me for more concrete evidence for a lack of this correlation.

Celebrating India's Decriminalization of Homosexuality

I woke up to great news today! Five judges of the Supreme Court of India have unanimously decrimialized homosexuality. A few months back, I made a simple t-shirt design using R. That time, it was an R exercise for me and I didn’t share it with many people. This is my small gift to LGBTQ Indians. Although I have made this using “Om”, many religious symbol are possible if you know the correct character in Wingdings font.