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Machine Learning Posts - Digest 05

I came across a few nice applications-related posts.

Machine Learning Music Composed From Re-Synthesized Fragments From 100s Of Terabytes Of LA Phil Recordings: This posts has “a new high def version of the dazzling 3D video/AI-driven performance displayed on the Walt Disney Concert Hall last year.” AI-driven music is nothing new. About 3 years ago I showed a video of computer algorithm creating fantastic music to my students and some of them became upset! Well, artificially created music is here to stay.

Machine learning is helping auto lenders make better decisions: This is an article written by my favorite financial writer, Matt Levine. Auto lenders are now using machine learning for making lending decisions. That is likely to reduce bias due to human involvement such as due to racism. Let’s hope this works well.

Can a Machine Learning Model Predict the SP500 by Looking at Candlesticks?: I don’t believe in technical analysis of stocks much but there is a lot of people who perform technical analysis. In this post, the author uses Python pandas data framaes and Random Forest to check whether “candlesticks” predict S&P 500 index. The answer is “No”.

List of Machine Learning / Deep Learning conferences in 2019: This is a detailed list of conferences in ML and DL. You can also sign up for monthly updates on this list.


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